Ticking all the boxes for GDPR.

Asimuth is a self-completion data protection tool that tells you how to get compliant on time with GDPR. Our data protection lawyers have done the thinking for you. All you need to do is answer the questions that Asimuth asks you.

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What is Asimuth?

Asimuth is a software tool to allow organisations manage compliance with The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It has been created by one of the UK’s leading specialist IT law firms as an alternative to expensive legal GDPR readiness projects.

Working with our clients helping them prepare for GDPR we realised there could be a better way. Rather than paying large fees to a consultancy or a law firm to audit data protection compliance, we realised the process could be automated. So we created Asimuth.

We’ve seen first hand that the work involved in GDPR is massive and can be overwhelming so we have worked hard to create a highly detailed tool that considers all the angles. We've spent thousands of hours on the detail, so you don’t have to.

Because the tool is created and updated by specialist lawyers you can be confident Asimuth has got your back.

With powerful features, you will love Asimuth...


    A Detailed Compliance Picture

    Asimuth is a detailed one-to-one map of all the obligations under GDPR created by lawyers so once you have completed an Asimuth audit you can be sure that you fully understand your compliance position. This is not a high level guide.

    Team structure allows multiple users to input responses to a single organisation analysis.

    The information required to complete a GDPR audit is usually spread out over an entire organisation and no one person can be expected to have all the knowledge required. Asimuth allows an admin user to create a team of respondents to capture information from around the organisation and combine it into a single report.

    Demonstrate compliance with GDPR through detailed audit records.

    Once you have completed the audit, Asimuth gives you an audit report with detailed recommendations. In addition, you have a record of all the responses that made up that audit providing detailed audit records.

    Ability to carry out and record Data Protection Impact Assessments.

    Complete on line DPIA as required by GDPR and store these for audit purposes. Asimuth allows you to complete your Data Protection Impact Assessments for new business processes as required by GDPR. You can store these for future audit purposes.

    Dashboard to view compliance status of organisation.

    Asimuth gives you a snapshot of your compliance programme through a simple to understand dashboard. The dashboard includes audit progress, level of compliance and number of recommendations that need to be actioned.

    Flexible use for small organisations to large organisations.

    Asimuth is structured so that it can be deployed by a single user in a small organisation or by multiple users in larger organisations working together as a team, producing a single report.

    Fast-track future audits using saved data as a start point.

    Once you have completed one Asimuth audit things get even easier. You can start the next audit with previous responses, and review that these are still correct before continuing. This significantly reduces the time involved in future audits.

* Some of the above features are not available in single user version.

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How Asimuth Works


Pick your best team

Decide who in your organisation needs to be involved with your GDPR audit. Compliance, Human Resources, IT, Sales, Finance? Invite them to join Asimuth. The better the team, the better the results.


Work with Asimuth

Work with Asimuth to collect the information on your business by completing the questions in the tool.


GDPR Delivered

Asimuth does its thing and recommends what you need to do to become GDPR compliant by giving you actionable recommendations.

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