How Asimuth works

Asimuth is a software tool to allow organisations manage compliance with GDPR. It has been created by one of the UK’s leading specialist IT law firms as an alternative to traditional legal GDPR readiness projects.

We’ve seen first hand that the work involved in GDPR is massive and can be overwhelming so we have worked hard to create a highly detailed tool that considers all the angles.

We’ve spent thousands of hours on the detail, so you don’t have to.

Create Audit

The admin user sets up a GDPR audit by entering some simple details about the organisation, including its department structure and then applies other users to the departments.

The admin user then selects the modules to be included in the audit and whether these are to be completed for the whole organisation, for the department or for a particular business process. Users are allocated to complete modules and deadlines are set for completion.

Once all modules have been selected and confirmed the audit is live and other users can use Asimuth to complete their modules.

Complete Modules

The users log in to Asimuth and complete the modules that have been assigned to them. Each module is a set of questions for the user to complete. Based on these responses Asimuth will work out the compliance position of your organisation.

Track Modules

Once you have created your audit you can view how complete your audit modules are to help manage your client deadlines.


As users complete modules the dashboard is populated, giving admin and team leaders a view of the progress of the audit and the number of audit recommendations being generated.


Once the audit is complete the admin user can generate a report containing all the Asimuth recommendations generated by the audit. Team leaders can also generate reports for their department.

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